Core Service : C2C

Our applet enables mobile users to use the free service of Vfreemobile in order to transact over global Telecom networks using native airtime.

Instead of previous generation airtime-based transactions over Mobile Carriers, our service provides the ease of use of an oversimplified User Interface that makes the overall User Experience both streamlined and universal in terms of cultural diversity. See the video below for a test-drive into our beta service.

Our  technology provides fast, reliable and secure functionality with advanced encryption at the front-end (two-factor authentication via face recognition at the time of log-on) to guarantee non-repudiation of every single transaction carried-out through our service.

Furthermore, in contrast with virtual currencies that depend in highly complex mathematical algorithms that provide a certain degree of validation of transactions, the finite part of the algorithm and the intensity and interest of the hacking community has proven to allow for major system security breaches and system crashes.

vfreemobile screenshot for airtime transfer

The Vfreemobile Service, by the very fact that does not introduce yet another virtual currency (with its inherent security considerations) provides a simple, secure and universal means for  people using Android or iOS device to able to exchange native airtime as a means of value exchange.

Ceilings per Transaction / per daily Total Sum are to be effected in accordance with FATF Regulations and Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing so that the Vfreemobile service is not abused by illicit users.

fatf logo

The Security of our Service relies main on the strong, underlying Security of the Telecom Provider that acts as the overall “Issuer of Airtime”. Thus, airtime can act both as a commodity and a virtual payment instrument without any of the challenges that other mainstream virtual coin applications require, such as minting, storage, transfer, etc.

Our C2C Service will soon be available on the latest iOS and Android “flavors”